The best Simba mattress deals and sales in July 2022


Simba mattress deals are back again this month, as the brand knocks 35% off its whole line of Simba Hybrid mattresses, along with 35% off its Simba Premium Foam budget mattress. However, there’s a catch: these markdowns are for new customers only. 

However, if you have your eye on a Simba mattress bundle, you can save 40% whether you’re a new or returning customer. That’s a fantastic way to secure your new sleep setup in one fell swoop.

Head below for all the best Simba mattress deals available throughout August – along with some shopping tips to help you prepare for Simba’s 2022 Black Friday sale. If you’re already a Simba customer, you can also see our guide to the best mattress sales if you’re keen to find a bargain on other top brands. Once you get your new Simba mattress, don’t forget to pair it with any of the best pillows for your best sleep yet. Also, make sure to pick up one of the best mattress protectors to keep it safe from stains and allergens.

Simba mattress sales: Quick links

As a general rule, we’d recommend buying from Simba directly to take advantage of their sleep trial/return policies – which is now 365 nights (or 100 nights for its Premium Foam mattress). But other retailers also often offer excellent deals:

Today’s best Simba mattress deals

Which Simba mattress should you choose?

The Simba range comprises four hybrid mattresses: the Simba Hybrid Essential, the Simba Hybrid, the Simba Hybrid Pro, and the Simba Hybrid Luxe. There’s also a full-foam option called the Simba Premium Foam that was just released this summer.

Each mattress differs in price, function, and performance – keep reading to learn which Simba mattress would be the best fit for you…

  • The Simba Hybrid Essential is ideal for those who want to benefit from the support and high-quality type of mattress that Simba offers, but who don’t want to spend too much money. It still features the foam and coil layers that the other mattresses offer, but it just doesn’t boast as many layers of support as the others.
  • The Simba Hybrid Original is the brand’s bestselling mattress. It’s designed to suit you no matter how you sleep, with five layers of comfort and ample support for most sleepers. And if you want to complete the set, the Simba Hybrid pillow is one of the best pillows for neck pain or just for those who want some extra support too.
  • The Simba Hybrid Pro comes with more comfort and support than the original with a higher depth and two more layers. It’s designed for those who want extra comfort and bounce but has a cooling effect too, as the natural wool layer helps to regulate temperature. It’s ideal for couples too, as not only will it keep you cool, but it’s designed to stay sturdy and stop you from rolling towards the middle.
  • The Simba Hybrid Luxe is the brand’s most advanced mattress model with the most layers, the highest amount of support, and a bamboo wool layer for breathability. This is the best option for those who suffer from neck pain, upper or lower back pain, or just need the extra support, as it boasts 10 sturdy layers to keep you pain-free at the night.
  • The Simba Premium Foam is the brand’s newest offering. Crafted from 100% recycled materials, it’s purportedly 30 times more cooling than standard memory foam, which is otherwise notorious for holding heat. It consists of three layers, including a hypoallergenic cover that’ll safeguard you from allergies and dust. As a medium-firm mattress, it should suit most sleepers.

More of today’s best Simba mattress deals

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1. Simba Hybrid Essential mattress deals

The cheapest Simba Hybrid mattress you can buy


RRP: £699 (single)

Fill: springs, foam

Depth: 20cm

Sizes: Four

Trial: 1 year

Guarantee: 10 years

The Simba Hybrid Essential Mattress is the brand’s latest model in its Hybrid series. It’s 20cm deep, with four layers – one supportive foam base layer, one Aerocoil spring layer for comfort, a patented Simbatex layer for controlling temperature, and a hypoallergenic breathable sleep surface. It features up to 1,500 pocket springs in its spring layer, which help towards even weight distribution and keep the surface from imprinting too heavily.

With 40% off at the moment, it’s a great time to buy, albeit with the caveat of having to be a new Simba customer to take advantage.  January did see higher offers with up to 45% off, but as this is a newer mattress it wasn’t available in last year’s Black Friday sales. We imagine we’ll see an even lower price during Black Friday and Cyber Monday towards the end of the year.

Amazon very occasionally matches or undercuts Simba, however, we would recommend buying through Simba directly so that you can take advantage of the extended sleep trial and returns policy.

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2. Simba Hybrid mattress deals

The most popular Simba mattress


RRP: £749 (single)

Fill: springs, foam

Depth: 25cm

Sizes: Nine

Trial: 1 year

Guarantee: 10 years

The Simba Hybrid Original is the brand’s bestselling mattress. It’s 25cm deep, with five layers – two supportive base layers, two layers for comfort, including a patented titanium Aerocoil spring layer, and a breathable sleep surface. It features up to 2,500 pocket springs in its spring layer. This is one that is designed to suit you, no matter what your sleeping position, which perhaps explains why it’s the brand’s bestseller.

This mattress is now on offer for 40% off, so now is the time to buy. Amazon very occasionally undercut Simba, however, the price difference is usually marginal so we would normally recommend buying through Simba directly due to the trial and refund policy. Plus, the current discount is even better than the typical Amazon Prime Day prices.


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