Get To Know Your Leviton Thermostat

Those looking for the ultimate in programmable thermostat technology won’t go wrong with the latest generation of Leviton thermostats. Providing precise temperature control and an array of automation options, the Omnistat2 programmable thermostat by Leviton rises far above the competition.

What makes a Leviton Omnistat2 thermostat unique?

Broad Compatibility
Works with an array of energy sources: gas, oil, steam, hydronic, forced air, radiant, electric, geothermal, and heat pumps. Perfect for existing residential, new construction, and small commercial retrofits, coming in white, black, and silver color options.

  • Wired
    Wired models boast simple controls and a large display, with special settings for extended periods of absence. They can provide temperature and humidity monitoring for multiple settings, including homes, offices, attics, basements/cellars, greenhouses, humidors, and more. Integrates seamlessly with Leviton security and automation systems as well.
  • Wireless
    Dubbed the Omnistat2 ZigBee thermostat, these models offer the same functionality as wireless models, but with wireless communication capable of integrating with home automation. A great option for retrofits – simply swap out your existing thermostat and connect your devices wirelessly.

Ease of Use

  • Won’t lose settings or time with outages. No batteries required!
  • 7 day scheduling function – program a different option for every day of the week.
  • Advanced digital technology allows the thermostat to learn your heating/cooling patterns, and then control your system for maximum efficiency and comfort.
  • Motion sensitive screen illuminates when approached for quick adjustments – day or night!
  • Easy temperature adjustment – just turn the scroll right or left.
  • Automatically changes over from air to heat without the need to manually adjust settings.
  • Periodic fan cycling for comfort.
  • Built-in vacation mode that restores temperatures automatically.


  • Full control via the built-in touchscreen or any mobile device.
  • Displays outdoor temperatures, humidity settings, and energy usage.
  • Allows for temperature averaging between indoor and outdoor locations and comparison between heat/cool set points.
  • Filter change reminders.
  • Simplified and advanced display options for further customization.
  • And more…

Home Automation Capabilities

  • With wireless models, no additional wiring to the automation controller is necessary courtesy of wireless communication.
  • Set it to control temperatures via events such as alarm system or motion activation.
  • Use it to control individual high-draw devices such as signage, pool pumps, fountains, and other devices with motors/fans.
  • Works with both Leviton and other manufacturer’s automation systems.

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