Show Your Electronics Some Love

Showing some love to your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day is a beautiful thing. Are you also showing that love to the electronics that keep things running smoothly in your home year-round? Much like your honey, ignoring those electronics for any length of time without giving them a little much-needed TLC could leave you in the doghouse.

Share the Love by Giving Your Electronics the Attention They Deserve

Give Them Shelter from the Storm

Or your 2-year-old… Or your morning coffee… Or your dog. Your electronic devices need to be protected. Are they properly cased and safely stored?

Help Them Maintain a Positive Self-Image

Cleaning your electronics immediately is essential after unwanted exposures to items of all sorts, from your daily cola, food crumbs, dirt and grime, to a hosing from an over-friendly pet, and more. Don’t just grab a wet paper towel. Make certain to use compatible cleaning solutions and rags by making a worthwhile investment in specialized cleaning sets available for each of your sensitive devices. Here are some tips for properly cleaning and maintaining your electronic devices:

  • Avoid soap solutions and glass cleaner, which can discolor screens and degrade speakers and inputs.
  • Use compatible, microfiber cloths and cleaning solutions. Apply cleaning solution directly to the cloth – not the screen. Cleaning solution not provided? Opt for isopropyl alcohol, which easily evaporates.
  • For keyboards and hard-to-reach areas, compressed air and handheld vacuums with soft brush attachments work wonders.

Avoid Entanglements

Recycle unnecessary or extraneous cords and chargers. Properly organize wires leading to electronics like televisions and DVD players, which are dust bunny magnets courtesy of static electricity. Untangle wires and straighten them together with zip ties to allow for easier cleaning and vacuuming without dislodging connections.

Insure Their Health

Opt for additional insurance or available protection plans that cover the parts and labor necessary to resurrect expensive devices.

Keep the Romance Alive

Remove batteries from items you don’t use often to prevent damage from corrosion. Keep batteries on hand for items like remotes (which should also be cleaned) and store chargers carefully. Consider the addition of a professionally designed and installed charging station for the safety of sensitive portable electronics and to drastically cut the clutter.

Protect Them from the Shocks of Life

Today’s expensive electronics and appliances are more sensitive to power spikes and surges than their predecessors. Keep them protected with whole house and point-of-use surge protection. The cost of replacing a single item destroyed by a surge will often cover your investment. Losing a single large home appliance will cost you double the investment of professionally installed surge protection from Mr. Electric®.

Ready to show the love? Contact Mr. Electric today.


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