How Does an Electric Fireplace Work

As the temperatures drop, you may be trying to find ways to level-up your home’s coziness factor, and the electric fireplace is a good option. However, it’s important to keep in mind that not all electric fireplaces heat a room in the same way. While they are all cousins of the traditional space heater, different electric fireplaces have different features.

Keep reading to get the information you need before you purchase an electric fireplace. In this blog, the team at Mr. Electric® offers the details regarding how the various models work and what you can expect should you bring one into your home.

Electric Fireplaces: Understanding the Differences

Some electric fireplaces are more substantial than others and have unique features and differences in how they operate. With an appearance like a traditional gas or wood-burning fireplace, the electric version does not require venting and gives the user the convenient option to use the flame without the heat.

Here’s how some of the different electric fireplace models work:

  • Many electric fireplace models operate by drawing in cool air from the room, warming it through a heating coil, and then dispersing the warmed air back into the room by way of a fan.
  • The infrared fireplace is a type of electric fireplace that uses an LED bulb producing infrared light; the coils surrounding the bulb distribute the heat evenly through a metal reflector that then sends the warm light rays into the room.
  • Electric fireplaces are available in four different types: wall-mount, built-in, inserts, and stand-alone mantels.
  • Electric fireplaces allow homeowners to enjoy the flame and the additional heat in the room without the mess, fumes, or potentially dangerous gasses associated with combustion fireplaces.
  • Electric fireplaces have separate controls for the heating element and the flame, which means you can use the flame without the heat. Homeowners may enjoy using the electric fireplace all year long to create a peaceful ambiance, even when they don’t necessarily need to heat up the room.              

How Does an Electric Fireplace Flame Work?

While the electric fireplace appears to have logs and flames, they are not real. The flickering flame is a simulation caused by a regular light bulb and light refracted in a three-dimensional pattern that provides a realistic look. In the case of an electric fireplace flame not working, it is likely because the lightbulb needs to be replaced. Because the flame does not produce heat, only light, an electric fireplace is appropriate for year-round use.

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