The bedroom layout mistake that could be wrecking your relationship

Our bedrooms are supposed to be a relaxing oasis, but there is one unsuspecting interior layout mistake that may be giving your space bad energy.

After discovering the chic dining room trend to avoid earlier this week, we were even more surprised by the common bedroom design choice that may be causing us restless nights.

Of all the interior design trends we’ve happily jumped on board with over the years, this one seemed the tamest and most trustworthy. However, if you’re looking to create a stress-free home this Feng Shui faux pas might just be the cause of your bad bedroom energy.

Bedroom trend to avoid - Picture of mirror opposite bed

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When examining the worst culprits for bad Feng shui, the experts at Online Bedrooms, revealed that putting a mirror across from your bed is a major cause of energy imbalance.

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