This £45 pumpkin dish looks identical to Le Creuset’s £269 version

Whether you’ve been eyeing up the Le Creuset Cast Iron Pumpkin Casserole dish for a while or you’re looking for a cute and festive centrepiece for your next dinner party, we’ve found the perfect replicas of the cult brand’s pricey autumnal dishware.

The Le Creuset Halloween collection is here, and its cast iron pumpkin pot is the star of the show. But like many Le Creuset stoneware pieces, induction pans, and kitchen gadgets, this festive pot has a hefty price tag of £269 attached and rarely makes it to the list of the best Le Creuset deals. If its unique shape and vibrant orange hue aren’t enough to win you over its steep price, but you still want a stunning autumn-themed casserole dish, we’ve found affordable alternatives that look and perform like the real deal.

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