What’s a Wall Outlet Safe?

The perfect little hiding spot for some extra cash or small valuables, a wall outlet safe is a smart, inconspicuous place to keep your belongings secure. A burglar is unlikely to find your belongings inside an outlet in the wall, whereas a standard safe would certainly attract their attention. An outlet safe looks like a normal wall fixture in any home. Plus, there are typically many outlets in each room, so if installed correctly, an outlet safe will not stand out from the rest of the wall outlets in the room.

How to Install a Wall Outlet Safe

The safes are made of inexpensive plastic made to look exactly like the other wall outlets in your home. You can purchase wall outlet safe kits online or from a variety of retail shops.

Installation for an outlet safe is surprisingly simple, especially because – surprise! – there’s no electricity involved in the process. You don’t need specialized tools or skills to install an outlet safe, either. In fact, the tools you need usually come with the kit you purchase. This is the perfect DIY project, even for beginners.

Here’s a step-by-step guide for installing your new wall outlet safe:

Step One: Unpack the safe kit and instructions, including any tools that come with the kit.

Step Two: Determine where you want to place the outlet, being careful to select a location you would typically find a real electrical outlet. However, be careful not to choose a spot too close to a stud in the wall or between two existing wall outlets, because the connecting wire may be in your way.

Step Three: Measure the distance that other outlets in the room are from the floor (typically around one foot), and line up the outlet the same distance from the floor to achieve a cohesive, inconspicuous look.

Step Four: Use the outlet template to trace an outline with a pencil on the wall where you plan to install the safe.

Step Five: With the saw tool that came in the kit, cut around the outline. If the kit did not come with a saw, you can use a drywall saw.

Step Six: Insert the safe into the new opening, allowing the bottom part of the piece to go behind the wall. The safe opening has flanges on the side that will lock down against the drywall’s front, holding the safe in the right position.

Step Seven: Fit the cover plate containing the fake receptacle over the wall’s opening, and push the screw into the plate’s center from the back of the safe through the existing hole.

Step Eight: With the kit’s key, turn the screw clockwise 180 degrees to secure the plate.

Bonus Tip: Consider plugging an old phone charger or unnecessary device into the safe to give the appearance of a working wall outlet.

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